About Me

My professional journey began with esteemed technology brands, where I honed my skills in sales and customer relations. However, I eventually embarked on a career transition, fully embracing the dynamic Food & Beverage industry in 2005. My entry into the Turkish restaurant arena took place with the launch of "Rumi" (a Turkish Cuisine), a culinary endeavor at the "Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Center."

My commitment to honing restaurant management skills led me through rigorous training programs, endowing me with the essential proficiencies required to excel. As the brand's influence expanded, I undertook the management of Rumi's branch operations, leading the way for the opening and launch of multiple new restaurants.

In 2010, I embarked on a transformative chapter by affiliating myself with the award-winning, International Turkish Restaurant Brand, "Kofteci Ramiz." This pivotal step allowed me to spearhead branch operations, introduce a multitude of restaurant establishments, facilitate staff training programs, and lay the foundation for the Kofteci Ramiz Customer Relations Department.

Since 2013, I have held the esteemed role of Director of Franchise Sales and Business Development. In this capacity, I meticulously coordinate meetings with potential franchisee candidates, drive initiatives in real estate development and management, collaborate closely with shopping centers for store leasing, oversee street store leasing, explore new locations, conduct feasibility assessments, and manage local and international investor relations.

Leveraging my extensive experience in the restaurant industry, I have evolved into a seasoned Director of Franchise Sales and Business Development. Throughout the years, I have not only provided support to Ramiz Branches but also extended my expertise to the growth and enhancement of various other local brands. This engagement encompassed consultancy services aimed at guiding them through the complexities of managing businesses within retail and commercial sectors.


Integrity: I am committed to being honest and ethical in all of my dealings.

Excellence: I strive to provide my clients with the highest quality services possible.

Innovation: I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help my clients succeed.

Collaboration: I believe that the best results are achieved when people work together.

Dedication: I am dedicated to my clients and their success.

Passion: I am passionate about the franchise industry and helping my clients achieve their goals.

Proactivity: I am proactive in identifying and solving problems for my clients.

Resilience:I am resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.

I have a proven track record of success at Kofteci Ramiz, having helped to grow the brand into a successful international franchise with over 100 locations.

Vision for the F&B industry in Turkiye

Turkey has a young and growing population, with a median age of 30 years. This presents a significant opportunity for the F&B industry, as younger consumers are more likely to eat out and spend money on food and beverages.

Turkey is a popular tourist destination, attracting over 50 million visitors in 2023. This provides a significant opportunity for the F&B industry to cater to the needs of both domestic and international tourists.

Turkey has a rich and diverse culinary tradition, with a wide range of regional cuisines. This offers a unique selling point for the F&B industry, and presents opportunities for innovation and growth.

Role in shaping the future of the industry

By working with clients to develop and implement innovative F&B concepts, I can help shape the future of the industry in Turkiye.

I can also help to raise awareness of the importance of customer service and quality in the F&B industry.

By providing clients with access to my expertise and network, I can help them grow their businesses and contribute to the overall success of the F&B industry in Turkiye.